I'm a self-published author and, as such, needed a banner under which I could sell all my books. When you're buying ISBNs and stuff for publishing this becomes evident. So, like many self-pubbers, I had to come up with something cool and original and vaguely interesting.

If you follow me on twitter, you'll find that my handle is @Spartagus. This was meant as a play on Spartacus, my interest in the story of the 300 Spartans, and feature the nickname (Gus) my friends gave me. Spartan Gus. Spartagus. Get it? Good. From there it wasn't a huge leap to name my imprint after the Spartans' most famous battle: The Battle of Thermopylae.

Thermopylae means "hot gates" so the idea came to me of an open book with flames coming from it. Nothing to do with book burning, or opening books and catching fire, but more suggesting that when you open a book it fires your imagination. I did some rough sketches, but I'm no artist, so I sent them to my twitter friend Sara Carrero (@saraofwhimsy), and she was able to create something more along the lines of what was in my imagination.

And that's the story.



Monsters Cover.jpg

Doyle Godwin works nights as a Private Investigator in the small town of Gabriel's Horn. He has learned how to hide his twisted, giant frame in the dark, avoiding the cruel eyes and taunts of the locals as he ekes out a living tracking down adulterers and other night-dwellers, living vicariously through the images he captures on camera. Lurking in the shadows, he is content with his world until, one day, the only woman he ever loved walks into his office and hires him to find her missing daughter.

Emmy Watson is losing hope. After three long weeks, her daughter Scarlett remains missing and the FBI have slowly removed themselves from the search, leaving an impotent Sheriff's department no closer to solving the kidnapping. Her heart broken and her nerves frayed to their ends she hires Doyle, Sheriff Reid's main suspect, forcing the town's Boogieman out into the daylight.

Sheriff Emerson Watts has discovered a body beneath Mt Rainier's watchful gaze. An ex-FBI agent with a once bright future, he sifts through the detritus of the murder scene and realizes there might be a connection between his case and the missing girl in Gabriel's Horn. Trying to meet with Sheriff Reid, he instead bumps into the deformed detective and triggers an avalanche which threatens to swallow them all up.

The Wolves of Dynamo


Thirteen-year-old Eileen MacCormick has always called Dynamo City home. Its bustling streets, imposing Cathedral, and enveloping forest fascinate her, giving her solace after the death of her father. But after moving closer to the forest she finds so comforting, she discovers that it hides a dark, magical world.

Eileen's life changes irrevocably when she crosses paths with a murderer who is terrorizing the city. Heartsick, she finds herself drawn back to the forest where an enclave of mysterious wolves reveal themselves to her. Eileen is shocked to learn she can communicate with the wolves and outraged when the ancient animals demand she lure the murderer to the forest.

How can these creatures ask this of her? How can a thirteen-year-old possibly catch a killer?

Bewildered by her role in this new magical world, and by the wolves' extraordinary request, Eileen must battle her sorrow and find courage as she begins the most dangerous and incredible adventure of her life.

The Daedalus Syndrome

Once I've psyched myself up a bit more, I'll attempt a blurb HERE!