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The following is mostly true...

Gareth S. Young lives a stone's throw away from St. Louis, but originally came from the land of the unicorn and prickly thistle: Scotland. Now sporting a peculiar hybrid accent and a mild comic book addiction, Gareth has finally started to write down the stories that have been tumbling through his head since back in the haggis eatin' days. 

In 2010, he published his first full length story, a mystery/suspense novel called Monsters. 

In 2013, his short story - "The Orange-headed Serpent" - was published in the Orange Karen Anthology.

In 2016, part one of his audacious urban fantasy series based in the fictional American city of Dynamo, The Wolves of Dynamo, was published.

His current projects include part two of the Dynamo City saga: "The Daedalus Syndrome," and the highly anticipated follow-up to Monsters: "Persephone".